UDSA BPA For Acquisition Support Services (Contract #1232SC18A0009)


Molly Gimmel, CEO, (301) 657-4440 ext 112, mgimmel@d2dinc.com

Scope of Work

As one of only two awardees on the USDA Agency-Wide BPA for Acquisition Support Services we offer an effective and efficient means of meeting your requirements. Under the USDA BPA, our services include:

Item Number Task Area

Task Description
*Specific tasks are defined in the BPA Appendix I – Statement of Work

1 Policy Assist in the development of policies, procedures, and guidance for the acquisition of equipment, supplies, materials, and services, including architect-engineer (A-E) services, and construction, in accordance with Federal, Departmental, and Agency policies, procedures and regulations.
2 Purchase Card Management Provide guidance for the purchase card program in accordance with Federal, Departmental and Agency policies, procedures and regulations.
3 Purchasing – Operations

(Actions under $250,000)

Assist in purchasing supplies, services, and construction requirements. Purchases require use of competitive procurement procedures.
4 Contracts – Operations

(Actions over $250,000)

Responsible for assisting with pre-solicitation, solicitation, negotiation, award, administration, and termination of contracts. Contracts may include, but not be limited to, construction, services, supplies, and A-E services. Contracts are normally firm fixed-price, fixed-price with escalation (or incentive), cost reimbursement involving incentives, and may also include other types such as indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity, time and materials, requirements, or labor hour. These contracts may require a variety of option clauses, or extensive special provisions.

Authorized Users: All USDA Departmental Management offices, mission areas, and agencies are authorized to place calls under this BPA, which was established competitively among women-owned small businesses under the GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS). All services listed in the BPA may be procured by any USDA Office or Agency, with the requisite warrant authority, on an as-needed basis.

BPA Period of Performance: September 12, 2018 – September 11, 2023. BPA call orders will have individual periods of performance specific to their requirements, but shall not extend beyond one year from the last day of the BPA ordering period.

Fair Opportunity: Each call order in excess of the micro-purchase threshold must be competed among all of the BPA holders. To get contact information for the other BPA holder, please contact the BPA Contracting Officer, Nicholas Langley, at Nicholas.Langley@ars.usda.gov.