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Seaport e Contract (N00178-10-D-5991)


Molly Gimmel, CEO, (301) 657-4440

Customer Satisfaction POC

Molly Gimmel, CEO, (301) 657-4440

Team Members and Capabilities/Areas of Expertise

  • Design To Delivery Inc (D2DInc) – Prime
  • Click here to see the D2DInc Seaport-e team members, their capabilities/areas of expertise, and service experience by funcational area.

Approved Geographic Zones

  • Zone 1, Northeast
  • Zone 2, National Capital
  • Zone 3, Mid-Atlantic
  • Zone 4, Southwest
  • Zone 5, Midwest

The D2DInc Team understands that the quality of the work performed will be monitored in accordance with the performance standards outlined in the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP). This section outlines our overall quality control approach.

Maintaining quality is imperative to D2DInc’s success; our staff works diligently to provide clients with excellent assistance and feedback. Our many satisfied clients are a testament to our quality control programs. Good communication can forestall many issues; our company culture promotes open communication and collaborative efforts. As a small business, our employees work regularly with senior management. Daily internal contact and daily contact with our clients are hallmarks of the D2DInc corporate culture. Regular and informal meetings keep project’s progress open, and at weekly staff meetings, each team member provides an update on current projects; similarly, management holds informal meetings throughout the week with individual staff members. Additionally, each staff member has an annual individual review. Our President and Executive Vice President, Diana Dibble Kurcfeld and Molly Gimmel, work regularly with each employee on projects, attending project kick-offs and review/progress meetings, collaborating on documents and reviews, and are readily available for assistance.

Planning and communication are key areas to problem identification, resolution, and mitigation. Technical and management problems are inevitable; thus plans must be made for their identification and resolution. Our goal is to identify issues before they become problems, enabling prompt corrective action. Early identification of technical, schedule, or cost issues will be accomplished through:

  • Daily internal communication between our staff and client points of contact and between D2DInc’s management and project staff at all levels
  • Scheduled and non-scheduled client task progress and technical interchange meetings
  • Weekly staff performance status meetings
  • Weekly status meetings between D2DInc’s senior management and the on-site supervisor
  • Monthly/quarterly coordination meetings with D2DInc senior management and client representatives as necessary.

This approach avoids and minimizes problem situations through up-front planning tailored to project/task needs, application of proven program control mechanisms and technical approaches, and a staff with the experience to avoid known pitfalls. This approach has been highly successful on D2DInc’s contracts as evidenced by the repeat business from our clients and excellent past performance references.

The most recent conformed copy of each Task Order received under this contract are included below as a clickable link.