Acquisition Management

D2DInc will work with the Agency program offices to determine the most appropriate approach for each acquisition to be managed, whether it be for a new requirement or a re-compete of an existing contract; an inter-agency agreement; a sole source, limited competition, or full and open competition; a micro-purchase, simplified acquisition, or multi-million dollar acquisition; or any other type of procurement. We understand the different types and levels of approval required for each of these types of procurement, as well as the various types of records needed to document and justify the decisions made regarding each type of acquisition approach. Services include:

  • Acquisition Planning
    • Determine Approach
    • Develop Planning & Justification
    • Documentation
    • Develop Procurement Documentation
    • Develop RFP & Related Documentation
  • Develop Acquisition Documentation
    • Requirements Analysis
    • Analysis of Alternatives
    • Statements of Work
    • Evaluation Workbooks
  • Source Selection
    • Respond to Contractor Questions
    • Support Source Selection Evaluation Board
    • Perform Cost/Price Analysis

For more information, please contact Molly Gimmel at 301.657.4440 ext 112 or contact us.