With only 7% of solicitations fully compliant with Section 508 accessibility requirements in late 2007, the General Services Administration is increasing efforts to bring government agencies in line with Section 508 regulations. This initiative has begun with the implementation of a new grading system based on a random sampling of electronic and IT solicitations on the Federal Business Opportunities website. These inspections will determine whether or not contracting officers and 508 coordinators are complying with the law which requires agencies to buy electronics and technology that people with disabilities can use.

In anticipation of this gradual shift towards enforcing full compliance, you can familiarize yourself with Section 508 requirements and ensure that your IT products are already Section 508 compliant. Following these stipulations will make your company’s products more valuable to contracting officers looking to avoid low grades for their agency.

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GSA officials are now reviewing vendors on the information technology schedule to determine if they are offering IPv6-compliant products and services. Vendors are being asked to specify how they comply with IPv6 and what test criteria they used. This is one of several initiatives GSA is undertaking to prepare for the June 30, 2008 deadline to have all network backbones IPv6 compliant and to begin using the new protocol.

As with the Section 508 compliance, this is another area where you can get ahead by ensuring in advance that your products and services are IPv6-compliant. This will make working with the information technology schedule easier for you in the future, and will help you to be better prepared for the eventual transition to IPv6.

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