Contracting with the Federal Government is on everyone’s mind because they are one of the few customers who is still buying during the economic downturn. With the Stimulus bill passed, there is even more interest and opportunities. D2DInc has been working diligently to ensure our clients are up-to-date on the federal contracting environment, and as a result Diana Dibble Kurcfeld, D2DInc’s President & Co-Founder, has been asked to speak at a breakfast event called: “Capturing Government Business – Winning Contracts & Navigating Stimulus Dollars.” Diana will be on a 3 person panel that also includes Anthony (Tony) Bell: Chief, Small Business Office, and Associate Director, Small Business Programs at the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and Gerald Boyd, Jr.: President/CEO of DB Consulting Group, Inc a Silver Spring, MD-based professional consulting firm. This will be a great event with information on federal government contracting, as well as networking opportunities. Information on the event is included below. Registration is already filling up, so if you’re interested in attending, don’t wait to respond.

Capturing Government Business
Winning Contracts & Navigating Stimulus Dollars

Event Description

During this down economy, the government is a steady source of new business opportunities. But how do you get your piece of the stimulus pie? Whether you are diversifying your commercial business or you want to increase your current federal business, come hear from the federal government and successful contractors on what it takes to get your share. Discuss proven business development strategies over breakfast.

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