UPDATE: Architect of the Capitol – Capitol Visitor Center Small Business Industry Day

Additional information on the AOC CVC Industry Day, originally posted on 12/23/09.Small Business Industry Day at the U.S. Capitol Sponsored by the Architect of the CapitolThe Architect of the Capitol (AOC) is hosting an event [...]

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D2DInc Webinar – Should Your Company Get a GSA Schedule?

D2DInc announces its 2010 webinar series on topics related to government contracting. The first webinar is Should Your Company Get a GSA Schedule?Government agencies award billions of dollars in contracts using GSA Schedules. Is this [...]

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Architect of the Capitol – Capitol Visitor Center Small Business Industry Day

Bridget Bean, SBA District Director, asked us to provide the information below to Washington Metropolitan Area District Office (WMADO) 8a firms. An electronic registration site is being set up. If you have questions, contact Bridget [...]

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Creating Valuable Marketing Communications Materials

Effective communication with potential and existing government clients is key to the capture management process. Understanding how to deliver a consistent message using a variety of marketing communications materials makes your company stand out from [...]

D2DInc's Monthly eNewsletter – Stay in The Know

Stay in the know about the government contracting industry. Sign up for D2DInc's monthly eNewsletter. We include articles about government contracting, proposals, and related topics. We also include information on upcoming opportunities - so you [...]

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Scheduling Proposal Development During The Holiday Season

Government agencies love to issue RFPs in December so the proposals are waiting when they get back after the holidays in January. Map out your staff's holiday vacation schedule now so if an RFP (or [...]

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Making the Most of Industry Days

Working with the government requires a significant resource investment in marketing your products or services to program offices that buy what you sell. One of the most valuable resources available to you is the industry [...]

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Preparing for H1N1 as Part of Your Business' Disaster Recovery Plan

Many companies have disaster recovery plans that include items such as data backup, office space, and logistics. However, few have thought to implement an influenza plan. Considering the amount of productivity lost from unexpected sicknesses, [...]

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"Planning for 2010 Fiscal Year End Spending Opportunities" – Upcoming Event on September 23, 2009

If you're feeling the effects of the end-of-year federal government fiscal year frenzy, then you should attend this event: "Planning for 2010 Fiscal Year End Spending Opportunities. SBA Officials and Other Experts Discuss Programs and [...]

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Think Business Article – September 2009 Issue

The fourth quarter of the federal government fiscal year (July 1-September 30) is one of the busiest times for government contracting. It is particularly challenging for businesses who are pursuing multiple opportunities, but have limited [...]

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E-Verify Required for Federal Contractors Starting September 8, 2009

According to the US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) web page, starting September 8, 2009, Federal Contractors will be required to use E-Verify to verify their employees' eligibility to work in the United States. If [...]

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More Busy Season Proposal Tips

With the end of the government fiscal year looming, the contracting pace has picked up even more than in the previous few weeks. Many people/companies are working on multiple proposals, and in doing so are [...]

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