August 2009

Diana Dibble Kurcfeld was interviewed as a government contracting subject matter expert for the August 10, 2009 Wall Street Journal article Small Businesses Chase Big Stimulus Money.

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More Busy Season Proposal Tips

With the end of the government fiscal year looming, the contracting pace has picked up even more than in the previous few weeks. Many people/companies are working on multiple proposals, and in doing so are burning the midnight oil pretty much every night. Here are two more proposal tips to consider.Give your staff a break. [...]

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WSJ Article "Small Businesses Chase Big Stimulus Money"

Diana Dibble Kurcfeld was recently interviewed by Victoria Knight for her August 10, 2009 Wall Street Journal article "Small Businesses Chase Big Stimulus Money". In this article Ms. Knight provides insights for small businesses interested in doing business with the government such as homework, paperwork, legwork, building relationships, and subcontracting. She also provides a dose [...]

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