Power IT Down Day – August 27, 2009

Our friend Joyce Bosc of Boscobel Marketing Communications, Inc. forwarded the information below. We're participating - we hope you will too!Friends,This is both important and time critical. Please take a minute today to go to the Power IT Down Day Web site and sign up today!Power IT Down Day is the grassroots effort of a [...]

July 2009

Diana Dibble Kurcfeld was interviewed about government contracting in July issue of Rebuilding America's Infrastructure Magazine article Methods to the Madness- The business of finding funding for projects, and the strategies for winning them.

Interview in Rebuilding America's Infrastructure Magazine

Diana Dibble Kurcfeld was recently interviewed by Rebuilding America's Infrastructure Magazine, a quarterly print magazine and companion to RebuildingAmericasInfrastructure.com, "the premier website supporting the engineers and transportation professionals who solidify this country's indispensable network of bridges and roads." RAI is a valuable resource, especially since America's infrastructure is crumbling in some places and needs attention; [...]

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